The story of Street Food World

india book 3dindia book 3dStreet Food World began in the Netherlands, with photographer Mirjam Letsch and her passion for travel, flavours, aromas and colours.

For over 16 years, Mirjam has worked for the Duniya Foundation, an organisation providing much needed education, food and medical care for a large group of children living in Nagwa slum in the northern Indian city of Varanasi.

Out of Mirjam’s experiences and passions came a desire to contribute even more to the wonderful work the Duniya Foundation does, and so the first Street Food World look n’ cook book was born – Street Food: India.

The 'Street Food India' look n' cook book.

The ‘Street Food India’ look n’ cook book.

The books are beautiful. They’re special. They’re far from your ordinary range of cookbooks. Find out what goes into creating them at our Street Food Stories blog.

Firstly, and most obviously, every page is graced with Mirjam’s magical photography; stunning and captivating images of people from Nagwa slum. And not only that, but their names and ages, their relationships and their stories. No nameless faces. They are the very people benefiting from the book you hold.

Scattered throughout the book are recipes of the simple, traditional meals that Mirjam has shared with the people of Nagwa slum – usually while sitting on the ground amidst smiling children and chatty old ladies. It’s a varied collection of vegetarian recipes. No need to be a skilled chef – they’re easy to make at home. They’re full of nourishment. Healthy. Slimming. And colourful.

From Bollywood film recommendations and dinner party menu suggestions to postcards to invite friends to dinner, this book contains delightful surprises throughout. Use your smartphone to scan the QR codes that feature on various pages and enjoy carefully crafted videos, music and audio to enhance your Indian street food experience.

After all of these thoughtful and experiential features, I can reveal the best part about the Street Food World collection: proceeds from every book sold benefit the children of Nagwa slum. They are the poorest of the poor. They have nothing, but with the help of Street Food World they receive a free education through the Duniya Foundation shelter. And not only that, but Duniya is also able to provide a daily hot meal, which is the only source of food for many.

So the Street Food World concept is simple, really… You eat well. They eat well.

Because Street Food India was born and met with great success in the Netherlands, Street Food Vietnam has been in the works and is almost ready for launch. Each of these have been produced in Dutch… until now.

A serendipitous series of events has led to the collaboration of myself, Aisha, and the Street Food World team in the Netherlands – now we’re translating the books into English and bringing them to Australia! We’re starting with Street Food India. It’s a big and exciting challenge, but I know Australia will love the Street Food World look n’ cook books as much as I do.

This is where the Street Food Australian journey will unfold.

So watch this space!